Monday, September 3, 2012

First Officer Terms and Conditions

Upon employment a refundable bond of US$ 2500 is payable to the company in order to cover training costs and license conversion. You sign a contract and a non-competition agreement that states that you are not allowed to seek employment with any other competing Indonesian company within 24 months of leaving Susi Air. The payscale is as follows:

Monthly Salary as First Officer:
US$ 750.-  until reaching 500 total flight hours 
US$ 900.-  with total flight hours between 501 - 750 
US$ 1.100.-  with total flight hours between 751 – 1.000
US$ 1.250.-  with total flight hours above 1000

Additionally, depending on base allocation:
Papua incentive pay: US$ 20.- per day additional. 
Malinau/Tarakan/Ketapang incentive pay: US$ 15.- per day additional

Salary is net as the company pays tax. It also includes 3 meals a day, accommodation during weeks on duty, transport to/from airport and laundry. The normal roster is 3 weeks “on” and 1 week “off” or 6+2 weeks, again depending on the base. No holiday in during the first 6 months of employment. Expect to spend a year as First Officer before your upgrade to Captain if you arrive with 200 hours total time.